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Question: Can a clinic be involved in more than one program that CCI offers at a time?
Answer: Certainly. Our dedicated sales representatives will consult with your clinic on how each program that CCI offers may benefit your clinic’s individual needs.

Question: How are dispensed medications in your program tracked?
Answer: Our cloud based software automatically keeps track of all dispensing for you. With 24 hour access to the software, you can retrieve the information you need at any time, any place.

Question: How much does it generally cost to get the Full Service Dispensing Program up and running in my clinic?
Answer: The startup cost does depend on what type and quantity of medications you choose but it is often $3000 or less.

Question: How do you suggest medications to be stored for the Full Dispensing Program?
Answer: Generally we suggest utilizing an existing cabinet or drawer with functioning locking mechanisms in your office. If you choose to dispense controlled medications, the laws delegated by your state medical board concerning the storage, logging, and prescribing of controlled substances applies.

Question: I’m not networked with pharmacy insurances. Can you assist me with this?
Answer: CCI has our own internal Pharmacy Services Administration Organization (PSAO) and we will contract you with the nation’s largest Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) Companies as part of our program.

Question: My clinic doesn’t see any workers compensation patients or very few, could my clinic still benefit from your program?
Answer: Yes, CCI offers Network Consulting for contracted clinics and can provide you with over 15 options of Workers Compensation Network Contracts to increase your patient base.