The combined business conducted by Complete Claim Management (CCI)  and Script Connection offers physicians and medical clinics an ancillary program to treat their patients with topical prescription medicine to manage pain. The program is designed for patients with work related injuries managed under worker compensation claims. The program both delivers the topical medicine to the care provider for sale to the patient, as well as providing the care provider with insurance claim processing services on behalf of the patient. Neither CCI nor Script Connection is a compounding pharmacy and neither entity is involved in creating topicals with compounding pharmacies. Additionally, Script Connection offers a full formulary program that will also utilize the claim management services of CCI.

What we do

CCI offers and provides administrative and billing services to physician practices desiring to make certain over-the-counter (OTC) products, including non-narcotic topical medications, patches, and creams and certain oral prescription medications available to patients in the physician practice’s office. These products are offered through Script Connection.

CCI also provides billing and collection services in cordination with Script Connections’s sales and distribution of OTC Products to Practices participating in the OTC Program.

How it works

Is the program compliant
with laws and regulations?

For each state CCI conducts business in, there has been a comprehensive legal analysis performed by a division of a top 100 US law firm that specializes in healthcare. The firm has determined the program to be legal and acceptable within the statutes of each state examined.


Benefits of CCI’s program

Dispensing Control

By managing the dispensing topical and oral medication through Script Connection, you will have greater control of your patient’s treatment and recovery.

Focus on your patients

With CCI managing your WC collection efforts, you can spend more time treating your patients. Your office staff can focus on managing appointments and patient care, while CCI performs your billing and collection activity.

Quality Products

Script Connection offers you a selection of quality OTC and Rx topical pain relief medicines, plus the option of oral medication dispensing through its Full Formulary Program.

Improved Cash Flow

CCI’s billing and collection analyst‘s customer service representatives have achieved tremendous success improving the revenue cycle of Workers’ Comp claim processing. CCI’s active clients receive consistent collection payment each month. For even greater processing speed and collection percentage, ask about CCI’s NCPDP program.

Changing Regulations and Trends

CCI monitors regulations for any changes that may affect the WC claim process. Additionally, CCI will alert its clients to changing trends in claim processing by insurance carriers.

Knowledgeable Sales Representatives

CCI and Script Connection has a team of Sales Representatives that stand ready to walk you through the process. They can assist in getting you samples, reports or any other information that can assist you with the program.

NCPDP Program

NCPDP Program

For small, medium or large medical practices, CCI’s NCPDP program can improve claim processing and accelerate collections


  • Instant response from pharmacy vendor, in most cases
  • Opportunities to collect are greater
  • Two billing options. Analysts can attempt to collect from the PBM (Pharmacy Benefit Manager or The Insurance Carrier)
  • Faster turn around from script to check. 4-6 weeks with NCPDP vs 8-10 weeks with paper bills.
  • Optional Express Scripts Component for greater collection performance

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CCI and Script Connection have ongoing, comprehensive compliance reviews to help ensure our business is adhering to Federal, State and other regulatory guidelines. Additionally, both records and communications are sent and stored through HIPAA compliant means.