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Script Connection offers OTC pharmaceutical products, including non-narcotic topical medications, patches, and creams (OTC Products), to Practices that desire to make such products available to patients in the Practice’s office through participation in the OTC Program.

Script Connection also offers a Full Formulary Program. Practices participating in the Full-Formulary Program may order and obtain certain oral and Rx topical medications directly from a licensed wholesale pharmaceutical distributor that is responsible for the sale and distribution of these medications in connection with the Full-Formulary Program.

Billing and claim processing is managed through Complete Claims Management, Inc (CCI).


Benefits of Script Connection

Dispensing Control

By managing the dispensing topical and oral medication through Script Connection, you will have greater control of your patient’s treatment and recovery.


Statistics show that 33% of patients never pick up their prescriptions. Nonadherence is eliminated with in-office dispensing.
*Study by Annuals of Internal Medicine April 2014

Quality Products

Script Connection offers you a selection of quality topical pain relief medicines plus the option of oral medication dispensing through its Full Formulary Program. Our Sales Representative can provide you with a list of products currently being offered.

Improved Cash Flow

In-office can increase the cash flow of your practice.


Script Connection Topical OTC Program

Provide your worker compensation patients with non-systemic, non-narcotic pain management using the best topical medications on the market. These manufactured pain medications are formulated by pharmacists who specialize in pain management.  A unique combination of ingredients with analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties help maximize pain relief for a variety of conditions, without the addiction.

Quality products

Offer your patients pain relief


Each product is manufactured and has its own NDC number
Script Connection is not a compounding pharmacy, and neither CCI nor Script Connection is involved in creating topicals with compounding pharmacies

Quick shipping

Orders placed to Script Connection typically ship within 24 hours

Prescription bag

Provided for each prescription ordered

Billing support

CCI will manage the claim collection process for you

Inventory tracking

Orders are entered and deducted as you prescribe, keeping track of your inventory

Full Formulary Program

Full Formulary Program

By bringing prescription dispensing in-house, you now have full control of your patient’s treatment. With a broad product line of medicines, Script Connection’s licensed distributor has the right solutions for your practice.
• Treatment control
The Physician has more control with in-house dispensing
• Convenience
Patient leaves with medicine in hand
• Billing support
CCI will manage the claim collection process for you
• Inventory
As you order and dispense, product levels are monitored as well as flagged if outdated

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CCI and Script Connection have ongoing, comprehensive compliance reviews to help ensure our business is adhering to Federal, State and other regulatory guidelines. Additionally, both records and communications are sent and stored through HIPAA compliant means.